New stress prevention and wellbeing journal to be launched soon

International Journal of Stress Prevention and Wellbeing

The International Journal of Stress Prevention and Wellbeing is a peer reviewed journal which will be launched shortly.

We will publish theory, research and practice articles on all aspects of stress:

Stress research: Stress prevention: Stress management: Stress at work: Stress and education: Stress and management: Stress and health: Stress counselling: Stress management training: Health education: Health Promotion: Stress and coaching: Stress and leadership: Locus of control: Type A behaviour: Coping strategies: Change management: Relaxation: Meditation: Mindfulness: Psychophysiology: Biology: Neurobiology and neuroscience of stress: Wellbeing.

The journal will also publish keynote papers, conference reports and book reviews. It will list relevant conferences in stress prevention and wellbeing field. If you have a paper worth publishing or a book review, please submit it now.

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