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Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational PerspectivesDevelopmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives (Paperback) book cover
Edited by Stephen Palmer, Sheila Panchal. © 2011 – Routledge

About the Book

Developmental Coaching explores many of the common transition points we experience throughout life, including teenage transitions, becoming a parent, mid-life and retirement. The book sets these transitions in their social context and reviews them in the light of generational factors.

The book is introduced with key psychological concepts from areas such as lifespan development and positive psychology, in addition to insights from other disciplines, including management theory and sociology. The main topics of discussion are:

  • coaching tools and techniques
  • broader societal and generational trends
  • how coaching can help individuals to realise positive growth.

With case studies throughout, Developmental Coaching offers an essential resource for practising coaches, coaching psychologists, counsellors and other professionals who wish to further their knowledge of the developmental aspects of coaching and dealing with life transitions.

Table of Contents

Preface. Sugarman, Foreword. Palmer and Panchal, Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives. Part I: Developmental Coaching – Transitions and Turning Points. Eades, Childhood Transitions and Celebrating Strengths. Puri, Coaching Through the Teenage Years. Panchal, From Twenties to Thirties. Liston-Smith, Becoming a Parent. Donaldson-Feilder and Panchal, Modern Mid-life. O’Riordan, Looking Forward to Retirement. Part II: Developmental Coaching – Themes and Applications. Linley, Biswas-Diener & Trenier, Positive Psychology and Strengths Coaching Through Transition. Green and Williams, Managing Generations. Panchal and Palmer, Final Reflections.Web Resources. Index.

Centre for Positive Transitions

This book reflects the approach taken by the Centre for Positive Transitions in our consultancy, training, coaching and counselling projects. The Directors of the Centre contributed to this book and Sheila Panchal and Prof Stephen Palmer were the co-editors.


“Coaching is very topical at the moment but no other book has looked at it from the point of view of coaching through the life cycle. This is a unique, well written and important book—buy it, you won’t regret it.”

Professor Sir Cary L. Cooper CBE

“Coaches will find this an invaluable resource as they help their clients – young or old – navigate the uncertain waters of life transitions. The authors lay out the complexities of intergenerational differences in an evidence-based, straightforward and easy-to-understand fashion. A fascinating and informative read.”

Anthony M. Grant PhD, Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney, Australia

Further Information

For further information about the book or if you wish to purchase a copy, please visit the Routledge website.

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